Who we are

Throughout the years our dedication and passion in working with our FMCG customers by providing customised end-to-end thermoformed packaging has resulted in a reputation for being the go-to partner in the industry.

True specialists

We partner with our customers to get a real in depth knowledge of their business and their needs to continue to offer solutions and cost effective efficiencies while delivering an exceptional product and experience.

Our automation audits mean the design of your product is driven by real information, the aesthetics will meet functionality!

Our machinery is world class and state of the art and we can design packaging to run on highly automated lines within tight specifications.

People and culture

We’re proud to be a business that has grown through working with some of the world’s most recognisable and iconic brands. We love what we do and the way we do it.

We invest in our people through constant training and recognition. Our Kaizen philosophy means we are always finding ways to improve and make your experience with Vacupack a better one. Our culture is can – do and will – do!

Our roots in technology and packaging

A vital element of what makes us experts in FMCG packaging is our team’s roots in manufacturing technology. Through understanding, experience and nurturing our proficiencies, we have been able to create proprietary technology solutions that are cutting edge and able to keep up with new trends in FMCG packaging and labelling.

Our values

Quality Assurance in FMCG Packaging Australia


Our aim is to create a packaging solution for you that marries design aesthetics with functionality through efficiency and innovation. We can guarantee our packaging to be of the highest quality and consistency to meet your needs.

Best Outcomes Assurance in FMCG Packaging Australia


We pride ourselves on being solutions focused and are transparent throughout the process. We’ll explain every step and all aspects of costs and schedules to ensure there are no surprises and you get an outcome that exceeds expectations.

Sustainable recyclable FMCG Packaging Australia


Sustainability is the key pillar in our business operations and those of our customers. Our commitment to the circular economy is paramount. All the solutions we provide you are driven by our value of sustainability.

Our technology

We’re results driven and outcomes focussed in everything we do. This is underpinned by our deep knowledge and experience in the industry as well as our technology driven production plant. We provide automated systems and online visual inspection systems. This is all supported by our high quality, state-of-the-art equipment. We have the capability and capacity to offer greater production efficiency, large storage areas and continued clean-room production.

World class equipment for a world class result

We’ve invested in a world-class plant and state-of-the art equipment to ensure successful outcomes of the highest standard for our customers.

Our machines are top of the range and support our innovative and technology-led approach, offering capabilities across our size and speed of output. This allows us to continue to deliver on the things that are vitally important to us and our customers – quality, reliability and cost efficiency.


We’re highly accredited because of our strict quality management systems with our state-of-the-art production in a Clean Room environment ensuring the utmost hygiene and safety protocols.

We are always staying up to date with latest innovation and technology developments to continue to offer you a cutting edge approach.

Injection Mould Labelling (Focus IML)

FocusIML is our very own, highly specialised business which delivers specific capabilities to large FMCG companies. We provide a world-class, best practice in-mould labelling solution in our advanced factory in Melbourne. With the latest European robotic technology your packaging will be designed and produced to meet the tightest tolerances and highest quality expectations.

Testing facility

Our investment in technology, tooling and machinery extends to our Quality Laboratory where our products are constantly tested to ensure all specifications are met. We test to high and exacting standards across elements like closing properties on clams, clarity of material, tear strength analysis and impact resistance.

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