Thermoformed Rigid PET

We produce customised, thermoformed PET solutions across multiple items such as tubs, clams and trays for the food industry. This packaging is suitable for use in dairy, bakery and fresh meat products.

About our thermoformed rigid PET

Our PET is fully recyclable and the latest development to our industry is the availability of 100% post consumer recycled PET that is suitable for food applications.

Our materials are selected to meet your specific needs. Whether it be for freezer applications, high grease content products, or microwaveable reheating trays, we have a material to suit your packaging application.


This is our new 100% Post consumer recycled PET. It is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified and has Food Grade Certification. This recycled PET is also fully recyclable. It offers the clarity and performance strength that match virgin PET.
Applications – Dairy, Meat, Fresh Vegetables and Bakery.

Our “Circle” branding assures you that stringent quality processes have been put in place to guarantee the product is 100% post consumer recycled (GRS certification), is food safe, and is processed to remove any imperfections. This is upheld by the important step in our production facilities where our technology and best practises ensure the material is processed without any issues for our customers.

OxyPET – APET high barrier film

Our OxyPET product offers over 12 times better barrier performance than current PP/EVOH trays​. We can also modify barrier properties to best suit the application while complying with FDA plastics for food contact use. This product is 100% recyclable virgin PET and is heat sealable to standard films. Delivered in roll form for Form, Fill and Seal machines, it can also be used for preformed trays.

You’ll find it to be a cheaper solution than multi-layered materials and we can supply pricing to you immediately based on format and volumes.
Applications – Dairy, Meat, Fresh Pasta, Salads and most MAP packaging.

HRP – Heat resistant PET

HRP is an alternative to current Polypropylene chilled/frozen meal trays. It’s 100% recyclable and 30% bio based​; ​PET is the most recyclable polymer. Being 50% thinner than comparable PP trays it offers a more sustainable solution. 

Designed to withstand up to 110 degrees Celsius, the tray is supported with a non-waxed cardboard outer that’s easily separated and fully recyclable. This product is able to run on standard lines and existing denesting equipment.​

This is a fantastic and sustainably-minded product that offers a premium look and feel with a large printable area that your marketing team will love.


This PET has been specifically designed to be used with easy peel lidding films. It avoids the use of all slip agents such as anti-block and silicone coatings while still allowing easy de-nesting of preformed PET trays. ​ PeelPET will bring out the maximum performance of all your lidding films, increasing their peel strength and seal integrity. ​

There is no silicone required here and it’s made using 100% virgin recyclable PET. Plus this product offers you the confidence of repeatable and consistent de-nesting.

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