Sustainable packaging

Whilst packaging has brought many benefits in keeping our food products fresh and distributing it safely, the challenge is to reduce the environmental impact of this. We are committed to the Circular economy by providing fully recycled and recyclable materials for your products.
Sustainable Packaging Solutions for FMCG

What we are doing

  • Improved design to reduce material usage.
  • Lower weight reduces transport costs
  • Modern energy efficient machinery
  • New fully recycled materials – CirclePET
  • Mono materials in Flexible packaging
  • New materials to enable recycling – PeelPET and OxyPET

100% recyclable materials achieved in 2022!

All of our thermoformed products are made of recyclable materials allowing our production waste to be fully recycled and reused for new packaging.

Our input materials are recyclable including labels and our use of 100% post consumer recycled PET is always increasing.

We also work with local businesses to collect and reuse our waste products so that we continue to operate in the circular economy.

100% post-consumer recycled PET by 2025

Our goal is to use only 100% post consumer recycled PET by 2025 and we are well on our way. To date we have converted 70% of our raw material use to PCR PET.

CirclePET is GRS certified and in line with APCO targets of 100% packaging being reusable, recyclable, compostable with 50% of plastic used being made up of recycled content.

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